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Services We Offer to our Customers:

Click Below pictures, to see how  we can help you succeed in your business.
Container Loading!​​

We contract ONLY High quality Dismantling Services, which never cut anything on your machines.That ensures that you will be able to put your machine at destination back to work in no time. We take many pictures of each load, so you can see how it was packed. In past 6 years, we did not had any leaking containers, saving customers a lot of money and headaches.

We Never Stop Exporting for You!

 Inland Trucking

       We arrange your equipment transportation to our Dismantling & Loading sites. At the sites we load your machines and equipmet in Containers, Open Top Containers or on Flat Racks. We use ONLY drivers with 1 000 000$ Insurance, your equipment is always safe with us. We can pick up any running Equipment within 5 business days in any USA Auction, and we can pick up any Non-Running unit within 5-10 days. We don't waste your valuable time.

We Never Stop Exporting for You!

Dismantling Onsite!

If your Equipment is not running, or it is too big and too expensive to move from current jobsite, we can arrange to Dismantle and Load your Equipment in Export Containers Onsite. We can serve all USA. Send us email to get quote. Weather - big factor when we dismantle outside. Our teams can start any project job within 5 days.

If project is big, we can send few teams to get job done ontime.

We Never Stop Exporting for You!

Flat Rack Loading!

 We can load your machines and Heavy Equipmet :   in Open Top Containers or on Flat Racks. We make sure all Oil is drained out, nothing to leak at the port, so you don't have to pay hefty fines for Hazardous spills. We also secure your equipment safely, and you don't have to worry about long journey on the ocean...No one cares about your equipment the way we do!

We Never Stop Exporting for You!

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