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     We Never Stop Exporting for YOU! As a matter of fact-that is the ONLY thing we do. Export is what we do best everyday. Send your Export Request from our Contact page-our team will make sure you get the rate you need within few hours! Make sure you put your contact info, so we can contact you with questions. To get quote fast and accurate-we need year, make and model of the unit you want us to quote, Zip Code where it is located and Country and City where it is going to. We will make calculations for you and send you complete quote. If you have dimensions of the unit we quoting-please include that with your email. We need Lenght, Width, Height and Weight of it. Sometimes we might ask you to send us picture of it, if we think we can save you money by removing something before transporting it. And as always remember: We Never Stop Exporting for You!

Our Vision

     We see our company as being number#1 in providing free quotes for USA, Canada, UK and Europe Auctions, Dealers and Online marketing publishing site Customers. We see everyday how many Auction Houses, Dealers or Online Marketplaces lack simple free Full Service Export quotation. We are ready to fill that need. In next 1-3 years, we will quote 90% of the Export quotes for biggest USA, UK, Canada and Europe suppliers of Heavy Equipment. We have Ability, Experience and a great Team to fulfill our obligations to the customers. We are the ONLY Export company who can quote customer for any piece of eqipment within few minutes time, even if that equipment located in Europe, UK, Russia, Canada or USA...We have global reach and ...

We Never Stop Exporting for You!

Company Profile

   We started this new company to fill specific need of Heavy Equipment Export industry. We have been doing business in this industry for the past 8 years. We helped hundreds of customers to get their purchases exported. We know this business inside out, and we ready to prove it to all new customers. We understand how important is for the customer to have his numbers ready-before he commits to buy piece of equipment. Wrong numbers means no profit, we are here to help buyers with their Export needs to make money! Nothing is more important to customers as precise quote for Export. Many clients get stuck with piece of equipment they bought and could not Export, because  they receive incorrect quote from shipper. To be profitable-you have to have your numbers straight from begining-and that is what we do best-get you numbers which don't change. When we quote, your quote is good for: Inland Trucking-2 weeks. Dismatnling and Loading-6 Month. Ocean Freight-2 Month.  

We Never Stop Exporting for You!

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